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    If you’d like to meet the future of coffee and coffee processing in Kenya, you should meet Ephraim Maina Muthee, factory manager of the Karogoto “factory” (wet mill) in Nyeri. Ephraim has done away with the soaking (after washing) of the coffee, and currently is pushing for more drying beds, the new kind. Not only does Karogoto produce some of Kenya’s best coffee (as evidenced by a very high placement in a national competition) but Ephraim and his team are setting the mill up to improve the quality even more during the years to come.

    Region: Karatina, Nyeri

    Elevation: 1700-1800m

    Process: Fully washed, dried on raised beds

    Farmer: Tekangu FCS

    Varietal: SL 28 & SL 34

    Cupping Notes: Tamarind, Grapefruit, Prune.