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    12oz bag

    Region: Othaya, Nyeri

    Elevation: 1981m

    Process: Washed, Dried on Raised Beds

    Farmer: Othaya Farmers' Cooperative Society

    Varietal: SL 28 & SL 34, Very Few Ruiru 11 & Batian Varieties

    Cupping Notes: Apricot, Red Currant, Vanilla

    The Gatuyaini Cooperative is a member of the Othaya Cooperative Society in Nyeri County on the Southwestern slopes of Mount Kenya. As many of the cooperatives on Mount Kenya, this cooperative processes coffee from farmers who generally have half acre plots averaging 250 coffee trees. The cooperative is comprised of 785 farmer members, all of whom grow coffee around the Gatuyaini Cooperative.

    Nyeri County has cool temperatures and fertile central highlands. One of the characteristics of this are red volcanic soils that are rich in phosphorus and are well drained. Most of the coffees from Nyeri develop and mature slowly, producing extra hard beans. This is why Nyeri is traditionally known as the heart of Kenya's black gold coffee. A cup to savor!