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We are very excited to offer a rare coffee from the West Highlands of Papua New Guinea. This highland area is so remote that even today there is no road between the highlands and the capital of Port Moresby. Kimel Estate coffee was first established in 1974 by Australian Bobby Gibbs, and is now owned by traditional landowners, with the Opais being the main tribe.

The estate is located on the Kimel River and implements eco-friendly practices, such as recycling pulp as organic fertilizer, and recycling the water used during wet processing. The coffee plants are protected by shade trees, including albizias and gravilleas.

Region: Town of Banz, Western Highlands, Waghi Valley (approx. 50 km South of Mount Hagen), Papua New Guinea

Elevation: 1580 m

Process: Fully washed after depulping and fermenting, then dried in the sun

Farmer: Kimel Estate

Variety: Mundo Novo, Blue Mountain, Typica, Arusha, Caturra, Catimor

We Taste: Apricot, Orange, Chocolate Mousse

Roast Level: Light (Agtron 80)

Apricot, Orange, Chocolate Mousse