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The Everyday Cutie Blend Subscription is tailor-made for households with one coffee drinker, who enjoys 1 or 2 cups a day. We recommend setting up this subscription weekly so your coffee will always be at the peak of flavor when you are ready to brew. (The frequency defaults to "1 Week" but you can choose 2 weeks or longer if you like.)

Choose the blend that suits you best:
Molly’s Blend – our roasters choice medium blend for those who like chocolate notes
Seattle Space Blend – balanced medium espresso blend, fantastic for cold brew
Emerald City Blend – medium blend, our recommendation for house coffee, crowd-pleaser
Seattle Strong – our boldest blend, for fans of dark roasts
Our Best Decaf – shockingly delicious, Swiss-water processed – you won’t believe it’s decaf
Rotating Blend - try all of our blends in succession. Does not include Our Best Decaf.

    If you're not sure which blend to choose, try our rotating blend subscription.

    We also offer a 12 oz subscription or 24 oz subscription so you can get just the right amount of coffee for your household and coffee-drinking needs.

    If you have a grinder at home, we’ll send you whole bean coffee for the freshest flavor. If you don’t have a grinder, let us know what kind of brewing device you use, and we’ll be happy to grind it for you on our precision specialty coffee grinders.

    You get a price break on your coffee when you order a subscription. On top of that, if you join the Coffee Works Club, you’ll get free shipping for your subscription, and many more benefits too. Check it out here.

    You can pause and re-start your subscription at any time.

    Questions? Send us an email at or give us a call at 206-340-8867. We are here to help you get a coffee that you'll love!

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