We offer a variety of blends ranging from light-roasted Seattle Sunrise (Agtron 75) to our house espresso blend Seattle Space (Agtron 70). Our darkest blend is Seattle Strong (Agtron 50).

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Space Blend coffee, beans, espresso, blend

For espresso or cold brew

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Our house espresso blend is a mixture of a direct trade Guatemala (57%), a natural Ethiopia (30%), and a direct trade Kenya (13%). Delicious and complex on its own but bold enough for people who prefer their coffee the Milky Way. A washed Guatemala forms the sweet chocolate backbone of this blend while the natural Ethiopia lends berry notes. A touch of Kenyan coffee rounds it off with just the right amount of body and acidity. This versatile blend also tastes great when brewed as drip coffee...

Mollys Blend blend, coffee, Medium, beans

Medium, w/chocolate notes

Price: $9.95
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Molly, our first roaster, helped us start roasting in 2008. This medium roasted blend is an ode to that machine. It marries one of our direct trade coffees from Guatemala with the best of our current rotation of Central and South American coffees. A halfway point between the light and bright Sunrise and the bold Emerald City. Roast Level: Medium (Agtron: 64) ...

Emerald City Blend beans, coffee, blend, drip

Medium-dark house blend

Price: $10.00
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The house blend at our cafe locations, Emerald City is also known as Ballard Market Blend. It's bold and accessible with notes of dark chocolate and stone fruit. This classic coffee is composed of direct trade Guatemalan and Kenyan coffees. We roast the Guatemala medium-dark so it can stand up to milk. The Kenya lends brightness and complexity to keep it interesting for those who prefer their coffee black Roast Level: Medium-Dark (Agtron: 60) ...

Holiday Blend 2022 beans, coffee, blend, drip

Limited edition

Price: $21.00
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This holiday season enjoy our limited edition Holiday Blend! This Light roast of coffees from Guatemala and Costa Rica have cheery notes of Nectarine, Dark Chocolate, Honey, and Gummy Worms. A perfect addition to your holiday gatherings! Roast Level: Light We love Holiday Blends, they give us the opportunity to highlight some really outstanding coffees that pair well together, that we would otherwise not be able to share as a pair. This year we worked with two of our...

Seattle Strong dark roast coffee, beans, strong seattle, colombia

Dark roast

Price: $10.25
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Seattle Strong is our best shot at a dark roasted coffee made to appeal to anyone who craves French, Italian or Viennese roasts. It's big, full-bodied, and nuanced with notes of dark chocolate, caramel, and tobacco. If you love strong, dark coffee, this blend of 100% direct trade Latin America coffee is made for you! Roast Level: Dark (Agtron: 50) ...

Our Best Decaf blend, decaf, Swiss Water, coffee, espresso

Award-winning decaf

Price: $10.75
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Our best decaf has garnered a few awards. It’s unlikely you’ll know it’s decaf because it is so delicious. The reason for this is that we only use coffee decaffeinated with the Swiss Water Process. Swiss Water Process is an innovative method of decaffeination that removes 99.9 percent of caffeine without the use of chemical solvents. As a result, the coffee remains delicious and complex – but without caffeine! In the cup you’ll find a syrupy mouthfeel with notes of honey, cocoa, and tangerine...