Looking to buy 20+ pounds or 30+ bags of our coffee?

Are you looking for a large order of our coffee, either in bulk or in retail bags? We’d love to help. If you’re ordering more than 20 pounds of coffee in bulk, or would like pricing for more than 30 retail bags, we’re glad you’re here! For large orders we can create a custom proposal and you’ll typically see savings of 10-40% over retail depending on your requirements and availability. Here at Seattle Coffee Works, we fill many large orders, from wedding favors for 60, to a recurring 150-bag order for a recruiting office to a 4,200-bag order for a national technology company. We can provide custom labels, and even custom sizes for large orders. We’d love to partner with you and your company or party! Please give us an idea of what you’re looking for by providing answers to the following questions: