Carlos Aguilera Carlos Aguilera

Finca Carmen, Paso Ancho, Volcán, Chiriquí, Panama

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Finca Carmen sits at the base of the dormant Volcan Baru and at the edge of a protected National Forest. The soil at the farm is rich and fertile, and the highest peaks of the farm are cloud forests. These natural factors converge for ideal coffee-growing conditions, and together with technological innovation, the farm has perfected their delicious coffees and placed in the Panama Cup of Excellence.Panama Carmen.jpg

Carlos Aguilera is the third generation to run Finca Carmen, which is which has an impressive reputation and has gained recognition in the Panama Cup of Excellence. We established our relationship with Finca Volcan Carmen in 2012, and today they are one of our longest-standing Direct Trade partners.

The farm grows typica, cattura, and geisha coffees and has made technical advances in the recent decade that have drastically improved coffee quality as well as quality of life for pickers and farm workers. The addition of a mechanical drying machine and mobile drying beds help them process their coffees effectively and efficiently while minimizing labor strain. These elements have made Finca Carmen a consistent producer of phenomenal coffees which we enjoy year after year in Seattle.