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Enjoy some of the best coffees from all major growing regions, with one geographical focus per shipment. This tour includes free shipping. We ship tours and subscriptions on Wednesdays every week. Your tour will start immediately; or, you can provide us with a desired future start date in the comment box during checkout. We will send a total of three shipments with your specified number of bags at your specified interval.
Please note: due to the seasonality of coffee, we cannot guarantee the year-round availability of two different coffees from each region and will send two identical bags if no selection is available.
All bags are 12oz.

Shipment 1, Asia Pacific: bags from up to two different regions, including Sumatra, Sulawesi, Papua New Guinea, Bali, East Timor

Shipment 2, Latin America: bags from up to two different Latin American countries: one coffee from South America Colombia, Brazil; another from a Central American region: Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua
Shipment 3, East Africa: bags from two up to two different regions, including Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia Sidamo, Ethiopia Harrar, Ethiopia Bench Maji, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda