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Region: Bajo Tablón, Suaza, Huila

Elevation: 1400m

Process: Washed

Farmer: Jose Alejandro Gomez

Variety: Castillo and Caturra

What We Taste: Blood Orange, Nutmeg, Fig

Mr. José Alejandro started in coffee farming 50 years ago. When he started he had a lot of land but then over the years he was selling and also donating to the community land for construction of the School, space for recreation and for the church. At present the farm has 23 hectares of which 4 hectares are in production, the rest is forest, the farm also has a spring water in the upper part and passing through the middle of the forest, this water serves for the coffee processing as well.

Currently, the farm is headed by Humberto Gómez son of José Alejandro who currently in the family farm try to harvest and produce coffee with the highest quality but also taking care of the environment.

The farm currently has a new wet mill and dryer for greater capacity and better efficiency thanks to the work and entrepreneurship of Humberto who is always looking for the improvement of the farm and the quality of their coffee.

For us at SCW, we're pround to be working with this family who is always looking for quality and care of natural resources, as well as being one of the first direct purchase farms in the Huila Colombia region.

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