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Region: La Carbonera, Acevedo, Huila

Elevation: 1350 masl

Process: Washed

Farmer: Anselmo Moreno

Varietal: Catillo-Colombia

Cupping Notes: Pear, Pistachio, Peach

Finca La Esperanza located in the village of La Carbonera, a few kilometers from the Acevedo town, one of the most productive in the whole of Colombia. The farm is located on the top of a hill which from the house and wet mill of Don Anselmo Moreno looks spectacular.

Anselmo Moreno is a producer who decided to take the reins of the farm two years ago full time, in previous years he took it as a partial work combining it with his also work as a dentist. Since 2017 he decided to make his house on the farm as well and start with the construction of his fermentation tanks and drying spaces, a great achievement since in the past he only collected his coffee and sold it in fruit, now with a little financing he was able to acquire a depulping mill and build his fermentation tank in addition to making his dryer, all this to be able to handle all the process from picking to drying. In addition to having the unconditional support of his daughter Lorena Moreno who in previous years worked as an instructor of the SENA government institution, providing training to small coffee producers for the improvement of their plantations from the seedbed to the quality control of their coffees, empowering the producers to know their coffees and sell it at a better price for the quality and not for the price that they usually offered them, so his daughter supports him with farm advices and quality control.

The harvest season goes from June to October and in some years it has a second crop slightly less in the months of February to April, which is common in many parts of Colombia.

Finca La Esperanza is for SCW one of the first direct trade farms from the Huila region, well known for the good quality coffees that are produced in these lands.

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