Cosmel Gabriel Merino Alvarez

Cosmel Gabriel Merino Alvarez

Finca Agua Dulce, Palanda, Zamora Chinchipe, Ecuador

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Cosmel Gabriel Merino Alvarez began working in the coffee industry when he was fourteen. He cultivated not only a small plot of land that was left to him by his father, but a great love of coffee.

His career took off rapidly in 1997 and 1998, when market prices for coffee soared worldwide. However, that great success came crashing down as the market burst and reached the lowest prices in history in 2000 and 2001. Many Ecuadorian coffee farmers turned to leveling their fields and cultivating cattle instead.

During this time Cosmel's career developed rapidly, as he was appointed president of his regional coffee growers organization. His knowledge and appreciation of coffee was paramount to this appointment. He grew his skills in administration and teaching good practices in coffee growing.

In 2015 he left the organization to focus on his own farm and family. After moving to live on sight at his farm Agua Dulce they have become almost 100% self sufficient. They grow their own vegetables and fruit, tend to bees and harvest honey as well as raise cows and chickens.

The farm name Agua Dulce (Sweet Water) is inspired by the beautiful Amazonian rain-forest reserve located adjacent to the farm; a bird sanctuary, with more biodiversity than many areas of Ecuador. The area surrounding the farm is brimming with streams and rivers that feed into the Amazon river. These very streams are dammed to create a pond on the farm which keeps the Alvarez family well stocked with fish to eat.

We are incredibly proud and excited to be bringing you this first time Direct Trade coffee from Ecuador. Thank you to our incredible partner Cosmel.