Francisca Cubillo and Oscar Chacon

Finca Las Lajas, Costa Rica

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Francisca Cubillo and Oscar Chacon Solano, and their two adorable children, inherited the farm from Oscar’s dad. Francisca who went to college for an agronomy-related subject runs the lab and the marketing department for this farm. Oscar is in charge of the coffee plants and the beneficio which includes both wet and dry milling facilities. There is so much to tell about this interesting couple that it’s necessary to put in a couple of short bullet points:

+ Las Lajas is organically certified and follows strict sustainability standards. When we walked around the farm earlier this year, this was one of the places without leaf rust, a disease that has affected many of Central American coffee farms. The Las Lajas plants are healthy and well nourished, even though every neighboring farm is experiencing a heavy leaf rust outbreak.

+ The farm is situated at a relatively low altitude of just under 1,400 masl. A lower altitude usually translates into less flavorful coffee. To counteract the lack of altitude, Francisca and Oscar have opted to only use Honey and Natural processes in processing the coffee. That way, they preserve all the fruit flavors available in the coffee cherry. They have perfected the art of these two processes to a t, avoiding all perils of the natural process and producing juicy sweet coffees throughout.

+ What impressed us maybe the most was the entrepreneurial drive this entire family exhibits. When many farmers in Costa Rica are still dancing to the tunes of the dry millers and exporters, the Las Lajas family started doing it all in-house. Once the coffee is ready for export, the container for the journey to the US is filled and sealed directly on the farm.

Whether it’s one of their Honey coffees (Black, Red, or Yellow, please see our blog post on the subject) or their specially selected Perla Negra (Natural Process) – you will be hard pressed to find more delicious coffee in Costa Rica or anywhere.