Jane Mahinda

Kiamaina, Nyeri, Kenya

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Kiamaina Cooperative Society:

Jane Mahinda and Purity Wanjiku form one amazing team. Jane is the Factory Manager of the Kaimaina Factory, which is part of the Kiama Cooperative Society. Purity is the Machine Operator, which means she takes care of the two-disk pulping machine at Kiamaina. Jane and Purity are the only year-round presence in this beautiful spot in Nyeri County, on the slopes of Mount Kenya.

This cooperative is relatively small with only approximately 600 members. Everyone knows each other, and has for many years. The resources are tight, and yet the whole washing station is meticulously maintained. This factory stands apart in Kenya because it is run by two woman leaders. There are very few woman factory managers in all of Kenya and almost no other woman Machine Operators, which may just be the secret to the success of this cooperative. Try this unique coffee and know that it’s produced by some of the most remarkable people in coffee.

Seattle Coffee Works Visits:

Oscar and Sebastian visited this cooperative last on a quiet weekday morning in October 2016. It was the first day of the current season. The drying beds were sitting mostly idle, ready for the upcoming peak of the season. Jane and Purity were tending to all the little things that go into processing some of the best coffee we have had the opportunity to cup here at Seattle Coffee Works