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  • Kenya Nyeri Rukira AA - KEN-RUK-AA-2020
  • Kenya Nyeri Rukira AA - KEN-RUK-AA-2020
  • Kenya Nyeri Rukira AA - KEN-RUK-AA-2020
  • Kenya Nyeri Rukira AA - KEN-RUK-AA-2020
  • Kenya Nyeri Rukira AA - KEN-RUK-AA-2020
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    Washed and dried on traditional drying beds, our Kenya Nyeri Rukira AA is a classic example of a Kenyan coffee: full of berry and dried fruit flavors with an unbelievable complexity. Newton Ndiritu, Rukira Factory Chairman at the time and a pioneer of Specialty Coffee in Kenya, gave us a special tour of their facility back when we began our partnership with this cooperative in 2014. We have bought coffee from Rukira every single year since, strictly trading through the not-for-profit Kenyan Coffee Union's (KCCE) export organization.

    Newton and his fellow coop members' attention to detail and deep dedication to craft combine to make this coffee some of the best coffee we know. Learn more about Newton Ndiritu here.

    Region: Othaya, Nyeri

    Elevation: 1700-1890m

    Process: Washed

    Farmer: Smallholder coop members of the Rukira Coop (Othaya Cooperative Society)

    Variety: SL 28 & SL 34

    We Taste: Papaya, Mango, Jasmine

    Roast Level: Light (Agtron: 74)

    We visited both the Rukira washing station (“factory”) and the Othaya Society’s Dry Mill and Cupping lab, hosted throughout by Newton Ndiritu one of the brightest coffee personalities in Kenya. Newton is both the factory chairman at the Rukira factory with approximately 560 members and the chairman of the entire Othaya Society (which comprises about 15,000 farmer members across several other factories).

    Newton has raised the bar for his fellow member farmers at Rukira in a few ways. By using best-practice pruning methods and appropriate amounts of fertilizers he’s been able to increase the yield from around 5kg per tree to around 23 kg per tree, thereby showing a way to make farming coffee sustainable in the long-term. He’s smoothed the path for construction of the Othaya society’s own dry mill, which has helped control the quality all the way to our roastery. The dry mill also includes a state-of-the-art cupping lab, the best cupping lab our coffee buying team has seen at any society or factory. By controlling the process and continuously cupping the coffee, Rukira (and some other factories at Othaya) consistently turn out some of Kenya’s best coffees. The Rukira AA placed third in the Taste of Harvest competition this year, and we think you’ll enjoy it tremendously!

    Papaya, Mango, Jasmine

    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

    Kenya is fantastic

    I really like this coffee! It's almost juicy - very fruity and at the same time substantial. If I want something to brighten my day, this is the coffee I go for.

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