Our Sourcing

About 80% of our coffee is sourced directly from our direct trade partners, and we’re very proud of this. In a world of jargon, what makes direct trade and the way we do it so special? We’ll tell you.

Direct trade denotes an ongoing commitment to equitable trade forged between a roaster and a coffee farmer, simultaneously ensuring super premium coffee quality and maximum possible benefit for the hardworking and kind coffee farmers who have now become friends to us. In direct trade, the price of the coffee is worked out directly between the buyer and farmer. We pay our direct trade partners significantly more than the market price of their coffee, improving their lives and the lives of the farm workers and ensuring that they continue growing the delicious coffee we get to enjoy every day in Seattle.

Because of the strength of these relationships, we are the only importers of some of these coffees and we’ve forged some really magnificent bonds with farms all over the world, even taking many of our baristas to Guatemala to take part in the harvesting process. Every cup of coffee you drink at Seattle Coffee Works is not only delicious, but has played a part in making a coffee producer’s livelihood more comfortable and has arrived in your hands thanks to hard work and strong friendship. For more info, check out the biographies of each individual farm and family on our website. Drink up!

Learn About Our Producers

Mauricio Gaviria
Mauricio Salaverría
Jorge and Javier Recinos
Newton Ndiritu
Roberto Suarez
Aurelio Villatoro
Francisco Cubillo and Oscar Chacon
Fredy Morales
Fredy Morales
Fredy Morales
Jose Piti
Ernesto Menéndez