Our Story

Seattle Coffee Works is a love story.

Sebastian Simsch, Oscar García, and Pipo Bui got to know each other in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We come from various backgrounds in Germany, Guatemala, Vietnam and America.

We share a love of coffee and a passion for improving people’s lives. In addition to enjoying each other’s company, we wanted to build a company that creates great coffees and a good life for our team, our farmers, and our customers. This dream became Seattle Coffee Works.

Our Mission

We embarked on this project when we realized that there's a world of connections embodied in every cup of coffee. The aim of Seattle Coffee Works is to make coffee better, in terms of Quality, Equity, Sustainability, and Transparency.

Thanks to the magic of digital communications, our four cafes, roastery, bakery, and mail order business in Seattle are increasingly connected to our coffee farm visits, professional exchanges, and direct trade green coffee purchasing in Latin America and East Africa. We hope to continue to build bridges between kind people around the globe, through the power of coffee.

Our Team

Sebastian (Visionary) is a labor historian whose endeavors include starting a sports magazine, a youth journal, a liberal arts college, and running for political office in his hometown of Tübingen, Germany. He also worked in high tech, Williams-Sonoma and Amazon. He enjoys tending his sourdough named "Arnold", traveling to new places and going on really long walks.

Pipo (Marketing) is a cultural anthropologist who introduced Sebastian and Oscar, and oversaw the building of our cafes, roastery, and bakery. She can usually be found weeding or trying to build something out of repurposed materials. One of her first memories is picnicking among the coffee plantations around Ban Me Thuot, Vietnam. She and Sebastian have two children, and finally tied the knot in Saigon in 2019.

Oscar (Green Coffee Buyer) grew up around coffee, often accompanying his mother as she harvested coffee cherries. As a teenager, he and several friends, including his future wife Nidia, started a coffee sourcing and roasting company in Antigua, Guatemala. Espresso Esperanza joined forces with Seattle Coffee Works in 2013. Oscar has been a certified Q Arabica Grader and Processing Professional since 2017.

Over the years, our team has steadily grown to include fantastically talented coffee professionals in our cafes and manufacturing warehouse. Many of the people who once worked in our company have gone on to start their own specialty coffee businesses, and we are very proud of them.

We love coming to work with a team that is so dedicated to crafting specialty coffee and bringing people together to enjoy it. We hope you'll enjoy meeting our team as well!

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