Roberto Suarez

Finca Suarez

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Finca Suarez is one of those lucky breaks every Green Coffee Buyer dreams about. On a misty Saturday morning, we had a chance encounter with Roberto Suarez. Roberto decided to no longer export coffee some years ago, because he was able to get a better price by roasting and selling his coffee domestically in Panama. He and his family also have plans for a beautiful coffee shop right on top of the beneficio.

Because the farm hasn't exported any coffee for the last few years, Roberto was not in a selling mode when we showed up. He only had past-crop samples for us. We had a great time visiting no less. Roberto is starting to pass the farm on to his children, and as he’s doing so he is upgrading his entire beneficio with new equipment throughout.

We took the samples but we remained skeptical whether this coffee would be any good. After all, the samples tasted a bit flat and dusty. We took the chance and bought a palette of coffee (ten bags) from Roberto. They are turning out to be the proverbial frog that’s turned into the prince. The coffee is sweet, with notes of pineapple and wonderfully balanced acidity. Don’t take our word for it. Try this coffee, and you won’t regret it!