A shout out to the 2011 USBC competitors

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We want to extend our appreciation to all the participants who made it to Houston this year to compete in the US Barista Championship and the first-ever US Brewers Cup. It is always exciting and rewarding to watch people with such passion and skill throw down. You all make this industry much more engaging and fun.

Congratulations to Pete Licata of Honolulu Coffee, this year’s reigning barista champion. It was a pleasure watching you perform and hearing the tale of your coffee. I only wish I might have tasted it!

Congratulations to Nik Krankl (Gelato Bar & Espresso Cafe) and Ryan Knapp (MadCap Coffee), 2nd and 3rd place barista winners. I wanted to taste your coffees, too!

This first national battle of the manual brewers was of particular interest for me because two dear friends were competing AND both made it into the finals! Oh, the power of the SuperHario Brothers.

Congratulations to Andy Sprenger of Caffee Pronto, the first of the US Brewers Cup champions!

Congratulations to Mike Cannon (Independent!) and Erin McCarthy (gimme!) who placed 2nd and 3rd.

A special shout out to Ben Kaminsky of Ritual Coffee Roasters for once again (3 times!!) taking the title of US Cup Tasters Challenge grand champeen. We love tasting coffee, and apparently, so does Ben.

Finally, we just want to say that having a forum where coffee professionals get to nerd out in the extreme warms the cockles of our coffee geek hearts, and you’re all awesome in our eyes.


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