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First: a HUGE thank you to everyone who tasted coffee at our Taste Off event this past month! We had so much fun sharing our coffee and listening to your opinions on the best coffee in town. We’re really excited to announce the favorite blend and the lucky winner of our Sweepstakes, who will be receiving a year’s supply of coffee from us.

Throughout August and September we brewed up a number of our own blends and single origins, tasting them alongside each other and, for good measure, alongside corporate Starbucks to see if we could offer a more flavorful cup of Seattle’s favorite morning brew.

And, drum roll please…

Our Space Needle blend emerged as the contest’s favorite!

We heard quite a chorus of support about our blend’s full-bodied complexity that really satisfied their coffee cravings. It’s rich in body and full on the tongue, but doesn’t leave that bitter aftertaste.
While we’re thrilled about our winner, we also want to share a few things we learned from this incredible experience. Namely we learned about the palate and what people are looking for in a really good cup of coffee. Okay, ready to take some notes?

1. We discovered that medium to big-bodied coffee varietals trumped light and bright coffees. When compared side by side, the coffees from Central and South America were bigger hits than those from East Africa and Indonesia. Let’s rephrase this: Central and South Americans were the favorites; Indonesians were liked by fewer people, and the East Africans appealed the smallest crowd.

2. Although our sweet and fruity Africans appealed to fewer tasters, those who did like Africans, LOVED them. The fabulous fruity notes found in our Tanzanian, Yirgacheffe and Kenyan intrigued many of the taste-off participants and seemed to convince even the staunchest coffee agnostics that there’s more flavor in a cup of coffee than just BLACK. (And we’ll admit, there are some folks out there who just can’t stand those African varietals!)

3. Our blends’ full flavor beat single origins. While our single origins create delicious drinks, people like a full spectrum of citrusy, earthy and fruity flavors.

4. And lastly, everyone’s palate is different. Okay, so it’s not news. But when it comes to everyone’s favorite cup of coffee, it’s a big deal.

So why are we sharing all this? We’d just like everyone to know that we’re so excited about the varied responses we received about their favorites. Sure, we all like to try new coffees, but at the end of the day, everyone just wants a good cup of coffee, something consistent and delicious. All of our coffees have their own brilliant characteristics and appeal to a wide range of palates and the individual preferences of our coffee drinkers lets us do what we do best: serve up that favorite cup. Whether it’s berry Tanzania, smoky Sumatra, nutty Brazil or our light caramelly Mellow Seattle and sultry sweet Space Needle blends, we love to satisfy everyone’s coffee cravings.

So, let’s drink some coffee!

P.S.: Look for another post sometime later this week announcing the winner of the sweepstakes…

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