An essential partner

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The other day some of the Seattle Coffee Works team visited Essential Baking, our pastry and bread supplier. Other than the good time that was had by all, we were impressed with the vision and the execution at Essential.

Just like us, Essential is working hard to make a difference in the world. Essential’s basic principles revolve around: 1. Unwavering customer service; 2. Relentless pursuit of quality; 3. Minimizing the environmental impact; 4. Respect for all stakeholders.

I may be mixing up our experience with the company’s stated vision. Let it be said though that all of us coffee people came away deeply impressed after seeing the operations behind the flawless service we receive, 362 days a year.

We found some things especially impressive. Essential operates around the clock. Most baking takes place at night, 24 trucks deliver the goods in the wee hours of the morning. So many things can go wrong: a driver might not show up, a vehicle might break down, an oven might need maintenance, a flour delivery might not have happened, and the list goes on and on. Of course large industrial operations face these kinds of challenges all the time; but for a relatively small business like Essential to deal with and successfully overcome all of these potential issues is truly impressive.

Photo: At the end of our tour, we posed with Essential’s founder and head baker George DePasquale (far right.)
Photo Credit: Polina Notik, our indefatiguable summer intern, who loves using the self timer on her new camera (Polina jumped into the picture next to George.)