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We’re looking for a full-time barista, or someone who’d like to become a full-time barista. If you’re very ambitious (and can imagine training for the next Barista  World Championship); if you’ve gotten up at 4 am because  you were pursuing a project or a life ambition which was so exciting you couldn’t stay in bed; even better (but not necessary) if that life ambition involved coffee; but more importantly if that life ambition *could* involve coffee; if you love people, hundreds of them, every day; if you love to serve; if you have serious stamina and have proven you can outlast everyone around you; in other words, if you’re a super human, then  please consider joining us in our coffee adventure at Seattle Coffee Works. We’re arguably one the most exciting coffee ventures in town, and we have grown a bit.

(The line about the super human is a joke. We’re all human around here. But if you made it to the end of that sentence, you probably do have stamina.)

About stamina and passion: what we do is hard, hard work and it can easily turn into a “job” for people who are not completely passionate about our line of work.

To make sure (as best as we can) this would be a fit, we ask that you don’t apply in the traditional ways. Instead, please make your way down to our cafe‚ at 107 Pike Street. Come in, have a cup of coffee and hang out for a  while. Don’t let us know who you are. Just check us out. Find out if you’d like to be a customer. Come back another day.

If you like what you see, and if you could imagine spending your days behind the counter, please introduce yourself. A resume might be helpful. Other hints from your past indicating your excitement about food in general and coffee  in particular definitely help.

Don’t expect us to hire you overnight. It’s helpful if you’re currently holding another job and can start trying out part-time. If joining our team is for you, then we’ll all know in good time. If you’re looking for a generic food-service gig we’re probably not the right place for you. If your first question is “How much per hour?” we’re definitely no match for you. (We pay what most pay in the industry; benefits might be available; but surely there are many other jobs out there which would give you better pay.)

If you dream about the things you do, then we might well make for good dance partners. Partners in the dance of life. The band: all of us here at Seattle Coffee Works. The tune: music from a country between the tropics of cancer and capricorn. The rhythm: coffee grinding and brewing. The smell: coffee coffee coffee.

(If you bring the will, we’ll provide the skill.)

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