Day One in Coffee

By Pipo Bui | |

Capitol Coffee Works opens on Memorial Day

On May 29, 2017, we’ll celebrate the grand opening of our third location: Capitol Coffee Works.

Located in Seattle’s bustling Capitol Hill neighborhood, at 907 E. Pike Street, this café is a significant departure from the traditional coffee house.

Our beloved cafes in Seattle’s downtown and Ballard neighborhoods paid homage to venerable Seattle coffee traditions. In 2016, they served 300,000 customers – nearly half the population of Seattle!

So what’s different about the new café?

A Studio for Coffee
Capitol Coffee Works takes coffee in a new direction, delving into facets of coffee we’ve always dreamed of offering. It was conceived as a studio for Specialty Coffee, with a bright, clean, plant-filled interior that beckons to those interested in exploring lighter-roasted, fruity coffees.

The space feels like an art gallery with coffee at center stage. A sleek ModBar undercounter espresso machine invites authentic interaction between baristas and customers. Our expert team provides start-to-finish table service on cozy lounge seating, elevating coffee drinking into a refined experience. They serve super-premium quality coffees – some of the best coffees in the world – made in the most exacting brewing devices available.

Coffee is a Fruit
Huge close-ups of coffee flowers and fruit hint that this café aims to revolutionize how people think about coffee. Instead of a brown, roasted bean, we encourage people to think of coffee as a fresh, tropical fruit.

A refreshing Cascara fizz on a sunny day: quality matters!

We highlight the fruit flavors in heirloom coffee varieties, natural- and honey-processed coffees, as well as in a growing selection of products made from Cascara – the dried fruit of the coffee cherry. Cascara chocolate, mocha, and Cascara fizz are made in-house from premium quality coffee cherries.

You may have tasted Cascara drinks that were mediocre. Just as with coffee beans, the quality of the cherries makes a tremendous difference!

Direct Trade comes full circle: Coffee farmers Yadira and Freddy Morales (Guatemala) and Mauricio Gaviria (Colombia) joined us to inaugurate the new café! Also pictured, Oscar Garcia (Guatemala, SCW Green Coffee Buyer, far left), Andres Avendano (Guatemala, owner Cafe Casa), Bruck Fikru (Ethiopia, Manager, Volcafe Ethiopia), and Sebastian Simsch (Seattle, founder SCW)

Direct Trade and Sustainable Livelihoods
Since 2006, Seattle Coffee Works has made big strides in sourcing our coffees from farmers whom we know and trust. We focus on small farmers because they are ideally positioned to impact the quality of the coffee they produce and the quality of life for people in their communities. Our farmer partners are agents of positive social change and horticultural innovation.

We believe that everyone in the coffee supply chain, from coffee pickers to baristas, deserves an equitable living wage, and recognition for the work they do. See our Authenticity Report for transparent information on our direct trade coffees, as well as our efforts to provide sustainable livelihoods for our team in Seattle.