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Still buzzing from the caffeine and the high of such a beautiful array of coffees–the first unofficial cupping of 2010 was a success! With a variety of Indonesian coffees and a few excellent Peruvians, a small group gathered in the roastery to schlurp and sip our way through 13 coffees from seven countries and two growing regions.



The Bali Organic Kintamani Natural definitely stole the show. The roasted beans looked like the color of light milk chocolate and showed such outstanding fruitiness. The Bali began with notes of deep, wild berry and that blossomed into a natural pungent sweetness. An instant hit.

Schlurp. “Woah!”

Schlurp. “Holy cow!”

Schlurp. “Wow! It’s SO sweet!”

The Balinese coffee definitely presented the most interesting fruit-forward profile and didn’t digress into an acidic tang after it cooled a little.

Of the three Sumatras, the Mandheling DP “Rona Bkahti”  pleased quite a few palates with rich malty body, notes of maple and sweet tobacco. Just complex enough and not aggressively earthy.

The Flores Organic Bajawa A/WP-1 gave us a velvet mouthfeel with light floral notes and a hint of melon and citrus.

The two from Papua New Guinea offered deep floral and herbal tones.

The FTO Peru Cepicafe offered the most complexity of the three Peruvians. Enough high notes with some light peppery spice, but not so much as to overpower the smooth, earthy body.

What a treat to sample a variety of under-explored Asia-Pacific coffees that offer more than the usual lineup of smoky, dark and rich flavors.

More coffee cuppings coming soon, so keep your palates ready for more schlurping!

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