Coffee with a conscience

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One month ago, Hurricane Ike slammed into the Gulf Coast with 110-mile per hour winds shredding homes in Houston, Galveston and along the Bolivar Peninsula. One month ago residents of the nation’s fourth largest city were displaced as a 20-foot wall of water inundated the coastal port. More then fifty people have died and hundreds are still missing. The stories from victims–of lost relatives, of desperate pleas and of spouses swept out to sea–tug at our nation’s heart.

This week, between 8 am and 10 am, we’re giving you a chance to help.We’re offering free small coffee drinks for every donation of $5 or more to the Hurricane Ike Children in Crisis FundAll proceeds, either cash or credit, help provide diapers, cribs and other supplies to children and their families affected by Ike.

Please join us this week (Oct. 13-17) for coffee and a good cause.

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