Happy New Year!

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What a year 2009 has been!

From moving our café to inaugurating our very own roasting operation; from a website re-launch to appearances on many national media outlets including NPR and ABC (and soon, CNN); but mainly from excellent coffee to excellent coffee.

We’ve had a good year. Our team and our business grew more in 2009 than we could have hoped for. While we may have disappointed some who are missing our original concept of having ten different espresso blends “on tap,” we have had quite a few encouraging reviews, including more than one calling us the finest in coffee roasting Seattle has to offer.

We know that it’s a privilege and honor, and an obligation!, to be roasting and making coffee in the epicenter of the coffee world. While we feel flattered by all the wonderful feedback we’ve received, we also have a list of about one million things we’ll work on in 2010. Please stay tuned!

But before we turn the page, a huge thank you to all members of the Seattle Coffee Works crew, past and present, who have worked their hearts out to take us to where we are now. We’re very lucky to have a team of such dedicated and talented people. Thank you!!!

We would have not survived the year without a lot of help! Thank you to all the brilliant people who contributed to our build-out! (The health inspector’s jaw dropped when we turned our new space around even faster than a very well known coffee chain in town which threw an army at the effort.) A million thanks to the good folks at Green Tortoise Hostel who are the best neighbors anyone could wish for.

And, oh man, what would we have done without the indefatigable family members and close friends who were there for us during this past year, at every step of the way??! Thank you!

Happy New Year to all!

Picture Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dancingwithwords/4046704573/

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