It's true: We're moving!

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I know it’s lame to not have reported this earlier on this page – yet we ARE indeed moving. We have leased 107 Pike Street (former Johnny Rockets), and we’ll have both more space for our coffee experience project and, yes yes yes, a roastery!

The roaster is being made as we’re speaking, so far all is on track. Here is a first picture of the place which shows our friend Eduardo toiling away on the floor removal.

A BIG THANK YOU to Bill, Daryl, Bruce, Axel, Eduardo, Valli, Pipo, and everyone else who’s generously chipped in with the demolition; and also a very BIG THANK YOU to Kristi, Katie, Eric, and Brooke, who’ve kept the 111 Pike store running. Next week we’ll be starting with some beautiful new construction. Stay tuned!

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