New Grinders, New Coffee, New Store, New Careers!

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We’re close to the Holiday Season, and we’ve some beautiful new coffees AND equipment for you just in time for the big feast. Also, we’re opening our second store, and we’re looking for a few fine folks to join our team. Love, Your Seattle Coffee Works Team

STATE-OF-ART COFFEE GRINDERS ATREASONABLE PRICESPeople ask all the time about the most important piece of equipment in making coffee: the grinder.

If you take it apart, you’ll see that a coffee grinder has either two discs or two conical burrs that rub against each other. If your “grinder” is one of those upside-down lawnmowers (aka spice or blade grinder), please be advised that it will be very hard to produce consistently good coffee. Ultimately, we’re interested in the quality of your grinder only because we want you to be able to taste how much better a meticulously sourced and roasted coffee tastes compared to much of the stuff out there.

We have the grinder for you!

Our entry-level is the Baratza Maestro Plus Coffee Grinder. says: “In its class, this is the best grinder you can get.” You can buy it for $129.00 (free shipping, no tax outside WA). Shop around – you simply won’t find a better price. For bells and whistles, check out the Baratza family of grinders. Here in the cafe, we’re using the Baratza Virtuoso with Esatto Scale– a great combo for precision AND value.

We just released this year’s Guatemala Antigua Finca Lorena. The 2011 lot weighs in at 340 pounds – a mini-microlot! This coffee is Lorena Garcia’s labor of love, with a lot of help from her husband Aurelio Hernandez. Aurelio visited Seattle in September and some customers even got a hand-signed bag of coffee directly from him! Taste the difference a true direct-trade relationship can make.

Some outstanding coffees just in from Ethiopia:Yirgacheffe Work Cooperative and Yirgacheffe Chelektu Mill are juicy and refreshing, natural-process coffees. Also, for a milder more mellow-flavored African coffee, try: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Koke Cooperative.

More coffees from South America (Colombia, Brazil, Peru) and the Asia Pacific Region (Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Bali, Papua New Guinea) are on their way. Please bookmark the single-origin section of our websiteand check often. We buy only as much coffee as we can roast and sell within eight months after harvest, so quantities of a specific coffee are always very limited. Luckily, there is also always a thrilling new coffee waiting in the wings.

When the opportunity came up to take over a corner store from a small Seattle-based coffee chain, we jumped at the chance. We’re remodeling the space, and looking for a few fine people to join our team. Take a peek at our ad. If you or someone you know are interested in a career in coffee, please get in touch. Have a wonderful holiday season and let’s drink some coffee!

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