New local art in the cafe

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Our new artist beginning this month is Megan Marie Myers, who comes to us after being shrugged off by a certain iconic corporate coffeeshop a few months back. Megan was slated to show her paintings at Roy Street Coffee & Tea in February earlier this year until the company canceled the show just prior to opening.

Wait… In the wake of all the press about regaining local coffeehouse cred, how can Sbux simply shelve a local artist as sweet and talented as Myers?

After all, that’s what defines local: a space for people in the community to meet, share ideas and engage with each other.

So that’s what we offered Megan. A blank, brick wall canvas for her to display her art. A place where she can start a visual conversation. With vibrant, playful colors and visages reminiscent of “The Little Prince,” Myers’ work is on display in our 107 Pike Street café and available online

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