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Sampling the Indonsian coffees

Cupping events are one of the many highlights of working in our café. There’s so much suspense and anticipation in our search for new single origins. There’s a primal excitement as everyone gathers around the tall glasses, preparing their lips for some serious schlurping work. There’s the crumbly coffee crust and the first inhale of the aroma as you scoop sopping coarse grounds from the cup. There’s the auditory satisfaction of the brisk schlurp as cuppers suck the murky brew from the wide spoons. And of course there’s the orchestra of flavors—sweet citrus, floral and herbal, soft and smoky—revealing themselves after each spoonful.

This week we sampled through four Indonesian coffees and three Central and South American single origins. The organic Java estate offered rich smokiness, similar to our lushly bold Sumatra. The Fair Trade, organic Papua New Guinea estate brought a bit of light citrus notes to the sample. An organic Flores Bajawa offered floral and herbal notes amid a light body and the organic RFA certified Sulawesi revealed the biggest range of complexity, with deep, rich bass notes with smooth berry fruitiness.

The Central and South American coffees ranged from pungently sweet to richly smooth. The organic Costa Rica La Amistad danced with bright and sweetly citrus flavors, hinting at a splash of berries. The Fair Trade organic Bolivia Caranavi offered only a lightly sweet earthiness. And lastly the Fair Trade organic Peru Cepicafe delivered a smooth body balancing earthy notes with gentle lemony and berry sweetness.
Each of the coffees we sampled were beautiful in their own right, from heavy in body to citrusy sweet high notes. While we would love to offer the entire gamut, we chose a small handful to complement our growing menu of single origins. You’ll see these new coffees on our online store and in the café very soon. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with suspense and anticipation of the new coffees to come!

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