Notes from the June 14th cupping

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We tasted the Atlas Importers coffees again. These were the same coffees as last week with the same roast dates, and another week’s aging. Looking over the two sets of notes, it seems that the week’s age made a big difference to me in most cases.

FTO Cascadia Blend (decaf): Creamy, rich & nutty. Round & sweet.

Guatemala San Pedro La Laguna: Dusty. Earth & chocolate, with a slightly bitter finish.

Costa Rica Santa Elena Miel: Earth, wood & baking spice. Dusty finish.

Costa Rica Cerro Paldo: Creamy tropical fruit leading into a chocolate and baking spice finish. Delicious.

Costa Rica Cloza Estate: Sweet tobacco, chocolate & caramel finish.

El Salvador El Toreador: Rich & sharp, a little caramel sweetness though acrid on the finish.