Opening Cascade Coffee Works a Team Effort

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Opening any business presents unique challenges, and the newest addition to the Seattle Coffee Works family, Cascade Coffee Works, is no exception. At Seattle Coffee Works, we try to tailor each of our cafes for their unique surrounding neighborhoods. Whether this means hosting a community meeting room, hiring a local artist to paint a northwest mural, or providing tours of our roastery, we want our communities to have an accommodating space to relax and appreciate our coffee.

Custom Synesso Machine at Cascade Coffee Works

This begs the question: how do you tailor your cafe to a neighborhood that is fueled by commuting tech industry employees? That core question has been on our minds since the lease was signed almost a year ago. Since we are a company that is heavily peer lead, the first course of action was to create a “core-team” of three dedicated baristas, who could focus on this unique location. Team members Sara Holstine, Danielle Burns, and David Lowry (myself) worked alongside owners Sebastian Simsch and Pipo Bui to make sure that Cascade Coffee Works would achieve the same standards that we strive for at our other cafes.

Swinging Chair from Retrofit in Cascade Coffee Works

From the get-go, we wanted Cascade Coffee Works to feel like an oasis in an otherwise bustling and demanding area. To complement the cafe’s warm colors, we are using furniture from our friends up the hill at Retrofit Home, which includes a large community table and two swinging chairs. We have also decided that we want our customers to have a space for collection and tranquility throughout the day and into the evening. In addition to our high quality direct trade coffee (see our annual Authenticity Report for more information), we will be featuring beer from local breweries such as Stoup and Rubens, as well as kombucha from Iggy’s, all on tap. Our happy hour will be a primary offering at Cascade Coffee Works, and we want to have something to satisfy everyone.
With that being said, there will be the same committed approach to coffee that Seattle Coffee Works is known for. Our friends at Synesso have outdone themselves by creating us a custom, copper plated MVP Hydra 2 espresso machine. Our signature Slow Bar is still in the picture as well, giving our customers the option to try some of our premiere single origin coffees on paired manual brewing methods. Featuring high-scoring coffees from countries such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Panama, and Guatemala, our rotating slow bar menu will always have something new and exciting to experience.

Our Seattle Coffee Works Team celebrating at Cascade Coffee Works

Our team at Cascade Coffee Works is excited to be part of the community in South Lake Union, and we hope that you will feel at home in the space that we have created. Come say hi during our soft opening period until November 8th, from 7am to 2pm. And please join us for our grand opening on November 8th, where we will be giving out our signature espresso, Slow Bar, and cold brews all free of charge.

Cascade Coffee Works is located at 1130 Thomas Street and will be open 6:30am until 7pm, Monday through Friday.