Seattle is tops in per-capita coffee spend & the spend is going up

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This is a good year to be in coffee. We see it in our cafe, and we hear it from our industry friends. It’s nice to have arrived in 2010.

A new analysis on mintlife (based on spending patterns) shows that:
+ Seattle is the top coffee market in the country when you consider spend per person (capita?)
+ Spending on coffee is up for folks who do spend on coffee (”users”) by 20% over 2009.
+ The average ticket is down a smidgen vs. 2009.

What we have seen at Seattle Coffee Works confirms these national trends but with one twist. Our average ticket is up by almost 4% vs. 2009: we’re selling more whole bean coffee and we see a trend away from consuming coffee in our cafe to home brewing. We also see a strong interest in single-origin non-espresso coffees away from the usual 12-oz latte. We’ll give an update on those numbers in the fall (once we’re through our busy summer season.)

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