Sweet deal!

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Yup. You heard right. It’s now only $5 to ship coffee from the Seattle Coffee Works roastery to your home.

For ages we’ve been shipping coffee via United States Postal Service. So far they’ve treated us and our coffee customers well. Our packages arrive reliably within two to three days all across the U.S., each complete with a tracking number to monitor the coffee on its journey. But shipping prices have increased again and we’ve heard murmurings through the grapevine that it’s just getting too expensive to mail coffee.

So we switched to a model of flat rate shipping. Instead of dancing around price fluctuations based on weight of package to the various shipping zones, we’re now charging only $5 to ship our delicious coffee! One price. $5. So whether you’re sending one bag to your sister in Dillingham, Alaska or twelve bags your cousin in Toledo, Ohio, it’s the same price. That way you worry less about shipping costs and more about which tasty coffees you want to enjoy!

Just know that you’ve saved a little money each time you find that Happy Coffee package on your front doorstep!

Woohoo! Let’s drink some coffee!

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