Taste off sweepstakes winner

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Yoon Lee with his first Seattle Coffee Works Mellow Seattle blendOk, I’ll admit it. We were really excited that our Space Needle was named the winning blend of the 2008 Seattle Coffee Works Taste Off. But we’re equally excited to announce the winner of the Taste Off Sweepstakes.

Yoon Lee of Seattle will be taking home a year’s supply of our coffee…that’s a lot of coffee! Like all of our tasters, Lee cast his vote for the best blend last month and entered to win a free bag of our coffee every month, for twelve months. Lee was randomly chosen from all the contestants who entered.

Last week, Lee came by the café to pick up his first months’ coffee. A wide grin spread across his face as I handed him the bag of our Mellow Seattle blend.  Despite the cold, rainy drizzle outside, Lee’s lighthearted and calm mood seemed to brighten that cloudy, grey afternoon. We sat at the front window and he told me about his journey to Seattle; how his life’s path led him first to a South Korean monastery where he spent a decade learning meditation and yoga. He spoke with a soft, yet determined voice about compassion and peace and how he enjoys teaching yoga to others. He left the monastery in the early 90s, married, and in 2006, he and his wife moved to Seattle. Lee now teaches yoga to employees at area businesses and at Soul Ease in Kirkland.

Before wiggling his hat over his head, preparing to brave the rain again, Lee told me he never expected to win the contest.  Like his path to the monastery, sometimes you’ll never know where life will lead you. Perhaps to a coffeeshop downtown with delicious coffee…

Thank so much, Yoon! We hope you enjoy the coffee.

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