The Drinking Man cometh

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Time flies! We moved a month ago and have barely had a moment to breathe. It’s probably in keeping with our small-n-real business character that we moved before we had all i’s dotted and all t’s crossed.

reviewer on yelp liked what we’re doing a lot, but knocked us down a star because our slow bar wasn’t quite there yet when she stopped in. Now it is.

We’ve continued to have to roast off-site at Velton’s as the permits for the roaster took a little while to snake themselves through the various agencies. Thanks to all of our inspectors and reviewers we may have managed to get a coffee roaster through the process from permit submittal to approval faster than anyone before us, at least here in Seattle. (And you’d think it would be easy to start a roastery in the Coffee Capital of the World!)

A couple of weeks ago, vinyl decals went up on our windows so folks knew what we sell.

And, finally we’re about to welcome the last member of the team: Drinking Man. We received a sneak preview from the shop. Stay tuned for the dude!

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