The Future is Bright!

By Pipo Bui | |

We Want a Better Future.

This past week offered opportunities for deep reflection, outrage, empathy, and action. We have been listening and thinking deeply about how to chart a path toward a brighter future.

This extraordinary moment offers an unparalleled opportunity to make real progress in undoing the deep-seated and institutionalized racism that permeates our society and our world. It started long before any of us were born, and the work we do now is only one step in a long journey.

We Want a Better Future.

You may have heard that our café in downtown Seattle suffered minor damage. Our broken window can be replaced. Human lives cannot. Police brutality must stop.

Black Lives Matter.

Brown Lives Matter.

Native Lives Matter.

Queer, Trans and Non-Binary Lives Matter.

We stand in solidarity with every person whose life, labor, dignity and basic humanity is exploited on a daily basis by ingrained global systems of oppression, colonialism, and white supremacy.

Undoing Racism in Coffee

Seattle Coffee Works aims to Make Coffee Better. This quest is not just about better flavor or freshness.

It’s about making our business and our industry more fair and equitable, from seed to cup.

We are working to acknowledge and undo institutionalized racism where we can – not just through donations and conversations, but in the fundamental structure of how we conduct our business.

The coffee industry was founded on colonial and racial oppression. Undoing that legacy is complex and difficult, and we are determined to do our part.

For example, we eliminated tips in 2017. We have a transparent pay structure, and are moving toward a living wage for our team, in an effort to address racial, gender, and age bias in pay.

The people who grow and harvest our coffee beans tell us what they need in order to make a decent and sustainable living. We do our best to pay that price for their work. Your purchase of direct trade coffee powers this unusual business model.

Thank you for your support. Whatever you are doing to help undo racism, please know that we are here to fuel your reflection, learning, and activism.

We’ll see you online, and perhaps soon again in our cafes.

There are many resources and organizations you can support with commitment and regularity. Our team decided to highlight the Northwest Community Bail Fund.

Please support businesses owned and run by people of color.