The Obama miracle

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A new friend of ours, John Reinke who incidentally was the highest bidder for a coffee card at the recent Earthcorps auction, wrote to us about the possibility of an Obama blend – a blend of Indonesian and Kenyan coffees based on Barack Obama’s truly multi-cultural background. While we are not particularly interested in gimmicks and we were hesitant about seeming too partial, we decided to put out a test balloon a couple of days after the election on November 4.

The first six bags of Obama Blend sold within 15 minutes. On our next roast date we made a very large batch of the blend; within two days we were sold out. There seems to be no end in sight.

Admittedly, our Obama Blend is quite spectacular: we have been using our beautiful Kenya Mchana Estate coffee, the most spectacular Kenyan we have come across in a long time, and our amazing Sumatra Mandheling (Fair-Trade Organic). The combination is divine.

Now we’re in the market for more Kenyan and Sumatra as our reserves are coming to an end. If we’re lucky enough to find the right coffees, we’ll even put out an Obama Deluxe Blend which will include some Hawaiian Kona. It’ll be pure bliss!

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