The original pike street roaster

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Oh, how we’ll miss that 111 Pike Street address that gave name to our first espresso blend: 111 Pike Street Blend! Earlier today we made the move out of the t-shirt shop into our own lil’ café.

Everyone here at Seattle Coffee Works is tired and very happy. Tomorrow morning we’ll be making coffee in our new 107 Pike Street location. The roaster is here and almost ready for action.

During the last few days, Katie took some pictures and I took a picture of Katie– check out:

Katie cut the ribbon as the new Diedrich IR-12 arrived

We wanted to see, once and for all, how many people could fit between counter and “grinder hutch” in the old 111 Pike location - almost the entire team fit. From left to right: Erik, Vicki, Elie, Amir, Pipo, moi, Ryan, Brooke, Daryl, Patrick, Katie, and Juan. Not pictured here: Max and Eric.

Katie took this shot of one of the many Home Depot shopping lists we created and filled during the last few days. 

Today there is only space and time for a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who helped us make our dream reality; you know who you are. Soon, we’ll have the real-deal VIP party followed by a very grand Grand Opening.