Treating Everyone Well

By Sebastian Simsch | |

Treating everyone on the coffee supply chain well: Our first Authenticity Report

We are on a mission to promote authenticity, transparency, and sustainability throughout the coffee supply chain. In that vein, we are proud to be publishing our first annual Authenticity Report.

This report synthesizes data regarding our direct and relationship trade coffee and our efforts to create a professional work environment and compensation structure for our Seattle-based team. Using this information, we outline some of our future goals of sustainability and growth in the specialty coffee sector. We were excited to dig into these numbers and take a critical look at our practices in our tenth year of operation as a benchmark for how far we’ve come, and how far we hope to go.

Currently, we source over 78% of our coffee directly from farmers and cooperatives. While this means that we pay 1-2 dollars more per pound than average direct trade prices in specialty coffee, and even more above conventionally traded coffee, our ongoing relationships with these farmers are important to us for reasons beyond the financial. These long-term relationships have improved quality of life for the farmers and in turn have allowed them to produce some of the highest quality coffee available for us.

We are focused on sustainability at home as well. We provide health insurance and a guaranteed living wage for our baristas, allowing them to focus their full efforts toward developing their skills in the specialty coffee industry. Team members are offered thorough and ongoing coffee education including a trip to origin, and our leadership opportunities are almost always filled from within the company.

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished in the last ten years and the number of livelihoods we’ve been able to improve and promote within the coffee industry. You can find the full Authenticity Report here.

You can find our principles of Direct Trade here.

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