We need some help!

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Friends, we have been growing a lot. Knock on wood.

Our growth hasn’t been miraculous – it’s been the result of a lot of passion and a lot of work.

When last year we always worried about how to have enough work for everyone to make a living, this year we’re more worried about how to get it all done.

We need some help!

Here’s the kind of things we need help with:

Managing and nurturing a few of our most exciting small businesses.
Manage roastery operations, a fast-growing mail-order business, and be a face for the company. (This is  an odd mix of marketing, operations, creativity and detail-oriented execution – you better know why you’d like to do this one!)

In one day, we might encounter any of these kinds of tasks:

  • answer a call from BBC London with poise and authority;
  • respond to an online customer who’s wondering where her package is;
  • set up a new coffee offering in the cafe and online;
  • swiftly and effectively respond to an event organizer who’d like to pre-order 400 pounds of coffee, ground for flat-bottom filter, with a customized label;
  • pack 500 bags of coffee, because the person who’s usually doing that is on a much-earned vacation (you have to be able to rally some help for that one – a winning personality helps!);
  • plan, prepare, and execute an ad campaign which will create 3,000 mail orders within a couple of weeks;
  • sweep and mop the floor.

Cashista-ing / Barista-ing.
We’re a somewhat unusual coffee house. Everyone on the team gets to play with amazing coffees. Everyone has a voice. Everyone sweeps the floor.

On any given day we might run into these challenges:

  • explain how we survive, nay: thrive, amongst the 999 corporate coffee walk-throughs around town. (This might happen any number of times on any given day, and even when you’re on number 10 it must sound as if you’re explaining for the first time;)
  • make some amazing coffee by taking great care about each step in its preparation (if you don’t know much about coffee that’s fine – but you must be extremely eager to learn everything you can about this ambrosia!);
  • taste almost every cup of coffee before your customer gets to taste it, and make it again if it’s not excellent;
  • professionally, cheerfully, energetically lead a coffee tasting with four groups – one corporate team from Procter & Gamble, one party of ten family members celebrating their great grandmother’s 101st birthday (the great grandmother is there, too!), a small group of tourists visiting from Tokyo; and a tour group from Texas taking a peek at Seattle on their way to the cruise ship to Alaska (they voted for the presidential candidate you hate the most, twice);
  • assemble sandwiches;
  • do the dishes;
  • sweep and mop the floor.

Managing the cafe at 107 Pike Street.
This one might seem like a far shot. First of all, we have a cafe manager, she’s awesome and not going anywhere anytime soon, so no need to rush. But if you think you’re born to manage a mid-size little coffeehouse operation and grow it grow it grow it, then please do step forward. No rush but we’re dead serious: we do need another cafe manager.

Here are a few examples of things you might need to be able handle to be a star store manager:

  • one refrigeration unit or another breaks, or two at once, on the hottest and the busiest day of the year (you calmly get someone to help, pronto!);
  • one of the team members is sick – you get the call at 6am. You’re in the store at 6:30am to cover for the poor soul;
  • you puzzle out the schedule for next week. One team member has had something come up, you have another five emails or notes from other team members as to their scheduling needs, you know that a two-day weekend is a must for everyone, including yourself, and you make it all happen;
  • you notice that we’re buying more pastries than we’re selling; you make a call and adjust the pastry order;
  • oh, man, you notice so much. You might notice that a team member is having personal trouble – check-in required; your day is busy, you’re the boss;
  • sweep and mop the floor.

Ok, friends, that’s the short of the long of it. If you know anyone (including yourself) who might be interested, send ‘em on down. (They should read that blog post about our unique process first though.)

I should mention a couple of things that would pretty likely be show stoppers: we noticed that while cigarettes and coffee go together really well, it’s hard for smokers to taste the fine differences in coffee – probably doesn’t make us a great fit for you if you smoke (you’d miss all those delicate flavors). And, yes, it’s retail: lifting 50lbs or so happens all the time; we’re open 363 days a year, including Sundays and Holidays (and that means certain times are just not ok for a vacation).

And, did I mention?, everyone mops and sweeps the floor. It’s fun for us. And you?

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