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We’re starting our third blog site here — and are simply going to abandon the contents of our previous blog sites. Those contents are sitting somewhere in cyberspace waiting to be unearthed by a fifth millennium historian from Mars looking for evidence that, yes, some people back several thousand years (million, trillion, gazillion, how long will the bits last?) were crazy about coffee.

There are so many little snippets to catch up on in this blog by a little coffee company in Seattle that only today, only this time, a short list seems in order:

  • This year alone Seattle Coffee Works has won two-and-one half distinctions:

    • earlier in the year, we were named Seattle Magazine’s 2007 Best Place for a Coffee Tasting, quite a distinction considering that the magazine only chose two coffee shops out of the hundreds available in Seattle;
    • the good people voting on nwsource.com picked us as one of theirfinalists for their 2008 people’s picks;
    • we have started gaining some speed on yelp.com, and we’re now being reviewed as part of the top five Seattle coffee shops. (I am counting the yelp.com distinction only as a half distinction as yelpers, as much as we love them, tend to be fickle and sometimes punish businesses for things those businesses are not even trying to do).
  • Earlier this month we soft-launched our shopping-enabled website — the orders have been pouring in, even though there is still a little construction to be done.
  • For almost two months now we have held a daily coffee tasting — every day from 11am to 12pm you can join us for tasting the newest and freshest (and we’d like to think: best) coffees around.
  • Vicki Schumann and her Seattle Coffee Crawl have begun their daily tour through downtown Seattle. Finally a tour that gets coffee and comes at a reasonable $15 per person.

More beginnings and surprises are coming — this, really, is just the beginning: of a blog, a business, a coffee company. Let’s drink some coffee!

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