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    One of the first farms to introduce the typica variety to Guatemala, Finca Nueva Armenia has a long history of innovation and environmental stewardship. In 1999, the farm became one of the first Certified Organic farms in Guatemala. Today, Jorge and Javier Recinos maintain their family’s commitment to environmental conservation while producing consistently excellent coffee. Learn more about Finca Nueva Armenia here.

    Region: La Democracia, Huehuetenango

    Elevation: 1500-1600m

    Process: Washed

    Farmer: Jorge and Javier Recinos

    Varietal: Typica

    Cupping Notes: Peach, Vanilla, Almond.

    In February 2014, we sent seven team members to this farm to work alongside the pickers, and of course meet the farmer and his family. Read all about our trip here.

    Meet the Farmer

    Nueva Armenia is a misty jungle which has been in the Recinos family for four generations. In 1850, Mr. Teodosio Recinos acquired the land; in 1900, his son Antonio Recinos Molina inherited it. He was the pioneer in the initial use of the typica variety, but always preserved the wild nature of the place. He was also responsible for giving a name to this paradise of trees, flowers and fauna, which he named Nueva Armenia.

    In 1940, his sons Enrique and Antonio Recinos Mazariegos took charge of planting and cultivating coffee in Nueva Armenia. They clean the coffee plantation only with machetes and hoes, to preserve the ground and biodiversity. Enrique did not have a family, while, Antonio Recinos Mazariegos encouraged his twins, Jorge and Javier Recinos Leonardo, to conserve Nueva Armenia, and in that environment plant coffee.

    Jorge and Javier, motivated by their father, studied Environmental Engineering. In 1996, they took charge of Nueva Armenia; once again, two brothers were at the head of the farm. The twins, with their environmental philosophy applied for an Organic Certification by OCIA in 1999. The OCIA inspectors were amazed by the biodiversity of the flora and fauna and granted Nueva Armenia the organic seal. From then to date, Nueva Armenia is preserved and managed organically.

    The twins, Jorge and Javier, take turns spending two weeks on the farm in Huehuetenango and sometimes, during the peak of the harvest; they leave their families behind in Guatemala City to take care of business together. The Recinos brothers are quite conscious of their farm’s natural beauty and have internalized their responsibility in a way that is unmatched. Finca Nueva Armenia pursued organic and Bird Friendly certifications on the volition of these two brothers, long before a market developed for them, despite the constant pressure to increase production and forsake the costs of certification. Without fail, these two brothers are also unflaggingly open and good-natured. Finca Nueva Armenia is one of the first organic farms in Guatemala.

    Location: Located in the upper part of the land, below the grotto, at a height of 1450 mts.
    Name: It is called Grandparents because Jorge and Javier's grandfather Antonio Recinos Molina planted this coffee in 1940.
    Coffee Variety: Typica and yellow bourbon
    Notes: light/medium body; juicy, sweet/sour, clean, nutty; low acidity, almond nuttiness and green grapes.