World Traveler Subscription
This subscription is for those looking for an adventure with each shipment. You will receive a rotation from all of our single origin coffees. We source between 25-30 single origin coffees yearly, 80% of which is sourced directly from our farmers.

Blend Subscription
For those looking for balance & smoothness in their cup of coffee. We have a variety of blends that are crafted to bring out the best flavor of each coffee component.

Item #: Subscriptions

These subscriptions are a handy way to ensure an on-going supply of freshly roasted coffee. If you'd like a rotating selection of our premium single-origin coffees, choose the World Traveler Subscription.

For a consistent supply of your favorite coffee blend, select the Blend Subscription. Choose how often the coffee ships, and pay as you go. We'll send you a 12 oz bag of coffee as often as you like. Change or cancel your subscription at any time using your account.

Price: $21.00

    Renews every:

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