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    12oz bag

    Region: Paso Ancho, Volcan

    Elevation: 1700m

    Process: Natural, dried by sun in patios

    Farmer: Carlos Aguilera Franceschi

    Varietal: Caturra and Catuaí

    Cupping Notes: Lemon, Nectarine, Clove

    This farm has placed in the Panama Cup of Excellence several times, and this coffee perfectly demonstrates their exceptional quality and unique growing conditions. At the base of Volcan Baru and at the edge of a national forest, the rich and fertile soil on the farm and cloud forest conditions nurture these delicious coffees. Our Panama Volcan Carmen Natural has the sweetness of red grapes and brown sugar with a cocoa element. A perfectly balanced, fruity, and complex coffee to brighten the winter mornings. Learn more about Carlos Aguilera Franceschi here.

    Carlos Aguilera spends his weeks in Panama City, but his heart is in the farm his dad passed on to him, in the beautiful region of Volcan on the slopes of the Baru volcano. We caught up with Carlos in early 2014 sometime towards the end of the harvest season, and we immediately knew that he is the kind of farmer we like to work with: passionate about the coffee and respectful towards his workers. The resulting cup is a testament not just to the soil of the land but also to meticulous processing and attention to detail. Carlos is dreaming of a time when he can move back to his family's land (his mom is still living around the farm), and when he can focus even more on the producing the best coffee.