Seattle Coffee Works Coffee Works Club Terms & Conditions

Last updated July 29, 2020

Welcome to the terms and conditions ("Terms") for Seattle Coffee Works Coffee Works Club (“SCW CWC” or “CWC”). These Terms are between you and Seattle Coffee Works, Inc. and/or its affiliates ("Seattle Coffee Works, Inc." or "Us" or “SCW”) and govern our respective rights and obligations. Please note that your use of the website and SCW CWC membership are also governed by the agreements listed and linked to below, as well as all other applicable terms, conditions, limitations, and requirements on the website, all of which (as changed over time) are incorporated into these Terms. If you sign up for a SCW CWC membership, you accept these terms, conditions, limitations and requirements.

Membership Cancellation

If you signed-up for your CWC membership directly through us, you may cancel your CWC membership any time by visiting Your Account and adjusting your membership settings. If you cancel within 3 business days of signing up for or converting from a free trial to a paid membership, we will refund your full membership fee; provided that we may charge you (or withhold from your refund) the value of CWC benefits used by you and your account during this 3-business day period. If you cancel at any other time, we will refund your full membership fee only if you and your account did not make any eligible purchases or take advantage of CWC benefits since your latest CWC membership charge. If you signed up for your CWC membership through a third party, you may need to contact the third party to cancel your membership or receive any refund under its applicable policies. CWC memberships redeemed through a CWC gift code or promotional code are not refundable.

Shipping Benefits and Eligible Purchases

CWC Shipping Benefits depend upon inventory availability, order deadlines, and in some cases the shipping address. They are limited to certain products sold by SCW on the website. Products  not eligible for CWC will be designated as such on their product pages. Some special product, order, handling fees, and/or taxes may still apply to eligible purchases. If only some items in your order are eligible for CWC, you will pay applicable shipping charges for the ineligible items. Changing or combining orders, or changing your shipping address, speed, or preferences might affect CWC eligibility. Certain purchases may only be entitled to Standard Shipping because of their size, weight, and other shipping characteristics.

We may exclude products with special shipping characteristics at our discretion. The CWC section of our Help pages provides information about eligible items, shipping cost, shipping speed, and shipping destinations.

Other Limitations

  • We reserve the right to accept or refuse membership in our discretion.
  • We may send you email and other communications related to CWC and your CWC membership (regardless of any settings or preferences related to your account).
  • You may not transfer or assign your CWC membership or any CWC benefits, including promotion codes for CWC memberships or benefits, except as allowed in these terms.
  • CWC members are not permitted to purchase products for the purpose of resale, rental, or to ship to their customers or potential customers using CWC benefits.
  • Some CWC benefits may require certain purchase thresholds, have quantity or shipping address limitations, or require members to meet specified criteria in order to access them.
  • From time to time, SCW may choose in its sole discretion to add or remove CWC membership benefits.

Fees and Renewal

The membership fee for CWC is stated in the CWC section of our Help pages. From time to time, we may offer different membership terms, and the fees for such membership may vary. The CWC membership fee is non-refundable except as expressly set forth in these Terms. Taxes may apply on either or both of the membership fee and the reduced shipping charges for CWC.

If you sign up for your CWC membership through us and are billed by us, then the billing terms described below will apply to your membership.

If all eligible payment methods we have on file for you are declined for payment of your membership fee, you must provide us a new eligible payment method promptly or your membership will be canceled. If you provide us with a new eligible payment method and are successfully charged, your new membership period will be based on the original renewal date and not the date of the successful charge.

Unless you notify us before a charge that you want to cancel or do not want to auto renew, you understand your CWC membership will automatically continue and you authorize us (without notice to you, unless required by applicable law) to collect the then-applicable membership fee and any taxes, using any eligible payment method we have on record for you.

Promotional Trial and Qualification-Based Memberships

We sometimes offer certain customers various trial or other promotional memberships, which are subject to these Terms except as otherwise stated in the promotional offers. Trial members may at any time (through Your Account) choose not to continue to paid membership at the end of the trial period.

Agreement Changes

We may in our discretion change these Terms,’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Notice, or any aspect of CWC membership, without notice to you. If any change to these terms is found invalid, void, or for any reason unenforceable, that change is severable and does not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining changes or conditions. Your continued membership after we change these terms constitutes your acceptance of the changes. If you do not agree to any changes, you must cancel your membership.

Termination by Us

We may terminate your CWC membership at our discretion without notice. If we do so, we will give you a prorated refund based on the number of full months remaining in your membership. However, we will not give any refund for termination related to conduct that we determine, in our discretion, violates these Terms or any applicable law, involves fraud or misuse of the CWC membership, or is harmful to our interests or another user. Our failure to insist upon or enforce your strict compliance with these Terms will not constitute a waiver of any of our rights.

Limitation of Liability

In addition to other limitations and exclusions in our Terms and Conditions, our total liability, whether in contract, warranty, tort (including negligence) or otherwise, will not exceed the last membership fee you paid. This limitation of liability will apply to the fullest extent permitted by law and will survive cancellation or termination of your CWC membership.