FINCA EL COCAL - Alfaro Family

Fernando Alfaro

Concepción de Ataco, Ahuachapán, El Salvador

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In 1880, the mayor of Ataco distributed amongst registered citizen’s pieces of lands to be used for growth and harvest coffee.

In the following years, Antonio Jose Alfaro purchased parcels of land from those citizens who were uninterested or unsuccessful in growing coffee. The combination of these various pieces of land is now Finca and Beneficio El Carmen.

The El Carmen mill was founded in 1930 by Don Agustin Alfaro Morán and started operation in 1932 processing coffee produced at El Carmen Farm and receiving coffee from small and medium size farmers from the area.

Finca EL COCAL is one of these small pieces of land that comprise El Carmen. Finca el Cocal has belonged to the family for more than 40 years. It’s about 10 hectars planted with just five year old coffee trees of yellow bourbon variety.

Don Agustin Alfaro was one of the founders of the Salvadorian coffee company and the coffee export department. In many occasions he represented El Salvador in international coffee conferences. He accumulated great knowledge and practice in the industrial coffee process, which he transmitted to the following generations of his family.

At present, the beneficio is managed by Mr. Fernando Alfaro grandson of Mr. Agustin Alfaro. In the tradition of his grandfather, Mr. Fernando offers his neighbors wet processing services in his wet mill and also dry mill and export services.

In Jose and Daniel Arevalo Fernando Alfaro has two cuppers on his team who not only ensure the coffee quality of the small farms of the Alfaro family but also coffee quality of their neighboring producers in their newly remodeled laboratory. This was my third to visit this beneficio. Every time I have come, I have seen many small and medium-size producers around watching their own coffee in patios or participating in cuppings.

This is the first year that we at Seattle Coffee Works bought a small lot of yellow bourbon from Finca El Cocal, hoping to work with Don Fernando for many years to come. I can see in him a person who takes great care of his coffee but also that of his neighbors at the same high level of attention to detail. He strikes me as a person always willing to help and support his community and any person around him.