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Because coffee makes every morning a little brighter.

Our Gift World Traveler Subscription includes 3 shipments of super-premium, single-origin coffee. Each shipment consists of one 12-oz. bag of coffee.

We journey to far-flung coffee farms around the world to procure bright, high quality coffees with prominent fruit flavors and distinctive notes. The World Traveler Subscription is a ticket to this adventure.

We change the coffee every week so you get a rotating selection of each season’s highlights. See some examples of our featured single-origin coffees here.

We recommend setting up your subscription to “renew” every week, so the coffee is always at its peak when ready to brew. Or you can choose to have it sent every 2- 3- or 4-weeks.

If the person receiving this gift has a grinder at home, we’ll send whole bean coffee for the freshest flavor. If they don’t have a grinder, let us know what kind of brewing device they use, and we’ll be happy to grind it on our precision specialty coffee grinders.

All of our gift subscriptions include a hand-written note. You are welcome to add your own message as well.

Shipping is included in your subscription price. If you join the Coffee Works Club, you’ll get a discount on this subscription, and many more benefits too. You can even sign up the person receiving this gift as a Friends & Family member, so they can share in the benefits too.

Spread the love, and the delicious coffee!