Wote Konga Cooperative

Wote Konga Cooperative

Wote Konga Cooperative, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

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This delicious fruit-forward coffee comes to us from the Wote Konga washing station by way of Royal Coffee Importers in Oakland. The coffee is exported through BNT, an Ethiopian-owned exporter. A buyer named Teddy selects the best coffees from the region and encourages warehouse workers to increase traceability throughout the journey to and from the washing station.


In Ethiopia, there are laws in place that require coffees from certain regions to be mixed. This interferes with high-quality lots of coffee remaining intact, and prevents specialty coffee from being exported from Ethiopia. Teddy, realizing the lost potential of exporting high-quality Ethiopian coffees, made friends along the supply chain to ensure that the bags he was exporting were the same coffees he tasted on the farms. By doing this, Teddy helped bolster Ethiopia’s reputation and high value in the specialty coffee market, and the Wote Konga has been a consistently phenomenal coffee each of the years we have purchased it.